Moritz Ice Creams

The Piruetta produce in its Samaden’s laboratory an awesome and handicraft ice-cream for its costumers.

Only the best milk of the valley and a perfect controlled process permit us producing the best ice-cream of Engadin. A true handicraft taste. We have called it MORITZ as St.Moritz or as Maurizio that produces fresh ice-cream everyday just for you.
Are you an hotelier? A restaurateur?

Are you a hotel keeper? Restaurant?


Do you always try to give more to your customers to bask them and make them come back? Would you like to offer an awesome ice-cream at the high of your kitchen and not an industrial product that distorts?


We have made it for you with all our possible passion:MORITZ!


You can book your good MORITZ directly to us and we will deliver it even with a notice of few hours. Your costumers will be enthusiastic of trying an ice-cream that tastes of just milked milk in Engadin instead of the usual standardized industrial product.

Are you organizing an event?

Thanks to our ice-cream wagon you can add a touch in more for adults and children and an additional revenue

Are you having a party at home?

Are you having a party at home?
Would you like to end the evening in the best of the ways? Offer MORITZ, bask and surprise your guests and keep the secret.
We bring it to you in tastes you prefer between everything we produce (Free delivery for booking larger than 3 kg)

Our tastes

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Fragola Di montagna

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Limone Fatto a mano

Nocciola Di montagna

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